Google Launches Crisis Tools for Typhoon Yolanda




Google has released a package of apps it hopes will assist recovery efforts in the Philippines after devastating Typhoon Yolanda swept across the country last week.

The tools are designed to help survivors and remotely located family members find each other and to provide data about relief efforts happening in the nation. Google is also linking to charities where you can donate money to help. Here, a relief map. Areas labeled red are “areas of calamity.” Other icons represent hospitals and evacuation centers:

Google’s Person Finder tool has been used several times before in similar disaster situations. It’s a very simple online database where families and friends can look for information on survivors. Survivors, meanwhile, can add data to let their loved ones know where they are.

Yolanda, also known as Haiyan, was one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded as it made landfall. Peak wind speeds approached 200 miles an hour and seemed not to fall. Estimates of the number of people killed are as yet very vague, but it’s feared that 10,000 or more have lost their lives and many more have lost their homes.

Source: Fast Company Kit Eaton