I can’t breathe: thousands march over US police killings

Washington DC march over police killings

Thousands of demonstrators march through streets of New York City to demand justice for the chokehold death of unarmed African American Eric Garner.

Protesters were seen waving banners which read “I can’t breathe”, the last words of 43-year-old Eric Garner, who died on 17 July after police officers attempted to arrest him for allegedly selling loose, untaxed cigarettes on Staten Island.

The “Justice for All” march in Washington, DC also highlighted the fatal shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, who was shot 12 times by a white police officer on 9 August.

Organisers of the march demanded dismissal of the police officer who placed the chokehold on Mr Garner. They also demanded to pass legislation in order to stop employing officers who use excessive force in New York State, and to set up an independent office to deal with police violence.