Once a $37 million center, Jason Brown gave up NFL for farming

jason brown farming

There are more than a few stories of someone growing up on the farm, and eventually moving on to become an NFL star.

There aren’t too many stories of a player going the other way on that path.

Jason Brown has one of the best, more unusual stories you’ll find.

Brown played for the Baltimore Ravens and St. Louis Rams from 2005-11. In 2009, his five-year deal with the Rams for $37.5 million made him, at that time, the highest-paid center ever. He made more than $25 million from that contract and despite not even being 30 and having interest from other NFL teams after the Rams cut him, he gave up football.

He wanted to get into farming.

He had never done it before. He learned by watching YouTube videos and asking other farmers for tips. Really.

CBS News shared Brown’s unique story.

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