Raf Simons’s Futuristic Collection for Dior Shows in Tokyo










Raf Simons, the artist director of Dior, likes to take his in-between collections on the road. In May, he brought all of Paris to Brooklyn for his Cruise show (which is in stores now). Today in Tokyo, he presented a Pre-Fall collection that will be on sale from May to October of next year. Since Pre-Fall is on the racks the longest, it’s the most wearable of all of the seasonal collections, and the most important to get right. And he did.

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Simons took his collection to the Far East because he finds Tokyo endlessly inspiring.

“Particularly in terms of the liberty people take for themselves in how they dress, there is nowhere else like it; the freedom of styles, the new architecture of clothing that you can see forming in the street as well as in the city’s fashion design history…It’s a place that is both extreme and exhilarating,” he said.

Photo: Courtesy of Dior

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