Should I approach her?


Dear Batchelor,
I have a dilemma I really like this lady, but I don’t know if she feels the same way I do.  Do you think I should let her know how I feel or should I wait for her to approach me?

a. If you truly like this person the best thing to do is let her know your true feelings; plenty of opportunities are missed because we are scared of rejection.  If she doesn’t feel the same at least you will know and won’t waste your time wondering.

q. My friend has a beautiful girlfriend and they get along fine, but I can’t help myself from looking at her.  I know that it is wrong but I think she might want be as well.  What should I do?

a. First thing you never want to ruin a good friendship over a woman.  Furthermore, if you guys are good friends there are certain lines you don’t cross and that’s one of them.  Love can drive people to do crazy things; besides if she decides to leave your friend for you, who is to say she won’t do the same thing to you.

q.  I have two girls that I am involved with and they are both very different.  I guess that’s what attracts me to them; one is out going and willing to do whatever to please me in the bedroom, and the other girl is very sweet and loving but she is more reserved and innocent and I think I like her a little more because I feel I can trust her more.  This is a tough decision for me, I don’t know which would be the best outcome.

a. Playing with women emotions can be very deadly, so be careful because there is no scorn like a women’s scorn.  You run the risk of getting caught right now and losing them both, so you must decide what is most important to you having a good girl you can trust or a naughty girl who will please you in the bedroom.  Either way you must choose one unless you can get them both to live with you; then you could have your cake and eat it too.

q. My girlfriend keeps accusing me of cheating on her when I have been completely faithful.  If I go out with my boys or don’t answer my phone she automatically thinks I’m with another woman.  It drives me crazy that she does not trust me, and I have not done anything for her not to trust me.  What can I do to prove to her that I love her and I’m not cheating on her?

a. That will be a tough task!  Trying to convince a woman you are not cheating is almost impossible if she already has that perceived thought in her head; trying to change her mind will be like pulling teeth before it’s ready to come out.  If you are being faithful and she does not trust you; you can take her out and show her your love and appreciation to be with her.  If that still does not work then you might have to move on and find someone else you will be able to trust you, because without trust no relationship is going to work.  If you choose to stay with her you may have to get an family locator, so she can monitor your every move.


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