Spurs Win NBA Title For The 5th Time!



The San Antonio Spurs were on a quest after losing last year finals to the Miami Heat; and they were able to overcome the melt down in Game 6 of last year’s finals.

This series proved that the Spurs effective ball movement was too much for the Heat to overcome; even though they had the best player on the planet in Lebron James.  James gave it his all and even though the loss is not solely on his shoulders he will take majority of the unjust criticism.

Kawhi Leonard played a stellar finals and was named the finals MVP; for both his offense and defensive efforts. The Spurs bench also outplayed the Heat’s bench which proved to be a big difference in the series. We will see what the future holds for the Heat to see what moves are made to make another run and the finals, and you never know we may see another Spurs-Heat match-up again next year.