Stella Vidal: Realtor By Day, Model By Night


You have a very distinctive look; where are you from?

Stella Vidal: Cali, Colombia

How did you get into the world of Real Estate?

SV: I have been in the Real Estate Industry since 2002, and have delved into different aspects of it, including running a highly successful mortgage company from 2003 to 2008 until the Real Estate market came crumbling down. I am now a Licensed Real Estate professional enjoying selling properties in paradise, Miami. What is the market like in Miami right now? SV: It is unbelievable! There is a major condo boom, and its skyline is adorned with cranes, showing this major boost in our city and economy. There are approximately 45 new pre-construction projects that are scheduled to begin between 2014 and 2015, approximately 20,000 new units! It is a market largely of foreign buyers who are equipped to pay cash. To better illustrate, in the last year, over 50% of all closed sales in Miami Dade were cash, with an increase of 32.1% since 2012. And it is not stopping any time soon. The existing inventory (not pre-construction) is currently very low in the hottest areas, such as South Beach, Midtown, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, and Brickell; this is why the pre-construction market is so hot now. There are more buyers than residencies, and people are literally taking a number. It is the most exciting time in Real Estate that I’ve seen in years!

Do you feel Miami will be the next Metropolis?

SV: Absolutely! There are incredible changes coming to our city. One of the biggest and most talked about is the Resort World Miami, a 13.9 acre major development proposed for the Omni District of Downtown Miami by the Malaysian based based Genting Group. The development will serve as a connecting point between the Adrienne Arsht Center, Museum Park, and Margret Pace Park. This will open up the waterfront to the public. Shopping, entertainment, dining, and there has been talk of gambling as well. This one will certainly change the way Miami is viewed by the rest of the world! Do you think your master’s degree in Psychology? attributes to your success in closing deals? Yes, I am trained to actively listen and handle high stress situations extremely well. Purchasing or selling a property can be highly stressful, so you want someone who is calm, professional, and always has the client’s best interest in mind. I have been able to de-escalate many situations and help bring resolution with a high degree of professionalism, while ensuring that my clients are happy. I treat every transaction as an investment toward a life-long relationship with my buyers and sellers. I enjoy a high referral percentage, which to me is the most sincere compliment.

In your opinion do you feel being a beautiful woman is an advantage/disadvantage in the industry?

SV: I believe that as long as you are professional, show respect, and represent your industry well, you can be green or red, or have three eyes. Trust is the most important element in a Real Estate transaction. You have to be able to trust your Realtor… On the other hand, if you are beautiful, there may be certain stigma attached to your looks. My husband believes that some women looking for a Realtor may not want a beautiful woman involved if they are in a relationship. To that I would say, “give me a chance, and I will help you love me.” When you judge me, you are doing yourself a disservice. You will not have the best Realtor in Miami at your service.

Switching gears, how did your modeling career come about?

SV: A few years ago when the Real Estate market came crashing down; I was forced to get creative and I scheduled my first photo-shoot. Let’s just say that I developed a passion for it because it is another creative outlet for me, but I don’t have as much time to spend on modeling.

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