Time To Set Fitness Goals For Next Year

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Yes, 2013 is almost over. Now is the perfect time to look back over the past year and evaluate what you’ve accomplished and what you may have missed out on.

How important was health and fitness to you in 2013? Where will it rank in 2014? Luckily, you still have a few weeks to make plans for what could be your healthiest upcoming year yet.

Find your fitness success in 2014 with the following tips.

Grade yourself. Think back to your fitness goals for 2013. Did they include weight loss or improving your nutrition? Are you healthier now than you were a year ago? Grade yourself on your efforts. You get an A if you improved your health, a C if you maintained, and an F if you knowingly let your health worsen. Your grade should not discourage, but rather tell you where you need to go in 2014.

Acknowledge your weaknesses. If you made progress over the past year with your health, congratulate yourself and be proud. But, if you slid backward or know there are bad habits you need to get under control, identify them and understand why they are keeping you from reaching your goals. Do you lack motivation to get to the gym, or turn to food when stress hits? If you know your weaknesses, you can build a plan to change them.

Find your motivation. Maybe you have an annual physical coming up in a few months, or you’re taking a vacation and want to look and feel your best, or you just want to be around longer for your grandkids — whatever you use as a motivator, make sure it truly means something to you. It must keep your focus when things get tough.

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